Top torrent downloaders used for Mac of 2017

If you are looking for Torrent Downloader for Mac, you surely need to perform a quality search on web to fetch out the best ones that comes equipped with customized downloading features.

We have gathered the list of best torrent downloaders for Mac of 2017 for you to make easy choice:


Folx is one of the top MAC torrent downloader that has bunch of features to offer. It’s a free download manager for Mac, which lets users to download torrent files in a convenient manner with convenient downloading features that just makes downloading less stressful. The users are able to set the priority for tasks, offers to control download and upload speeds etc.

Folx supports torrents as of the trackers, and in addition magnet links which make dealing by BitTorrent content approach easier. The finest paid version is also obtainable in Folx.

Vuze for Mac

With this download manager it becomes easier to pick parts from torrent files, such as a large audio file containing different songs. Users can also send files to different target locations. It offers more functionality compared to other download manager.

Bitorrent Official Client

It is an ad free and malware free download manager that comes with great downloading options. It is a lightweight app offering decent downloading speeds. It lets user to stream torrents directly from the app itself.


An extremely lightweight Torrent client, and many of customers uses it on their OS X machines, Linux boxes, otherwise even Raspberry Pis. It’s runs silently in the background with or without a UI which makes it just right for the servers, HTPCs, NAS boxes, HTPCs, and other systems where you may want to do some robust downloading.


This download manager is packed with brilliant features that any users would expect from a good BitTorrent client. It comes with capable feature to resume paused downloads, user can download in order, supports encrypted files, download scheduling option and more. It’s completely free but not open source.

XTorrent P2P

Beautiful and very well organized; it is a free torrent client, it lets you download the usual stuff at a decent speed, but for robust downloading paid version is good choice.

Deluge BitTorrent Client

It’s entirely free, cross platform, and supports effects like encrypted downloads, personal torrents, schedules bandwidth, suggests remote management via a web supported interface, proxy support etc. It is intrinsically small but can be easily integrated with 3rd party plug-ins.