The Value of a Deck

A deck can be an invaluable aspect of any home. If maintained properly, they can be used for parties, grilling, reading, and sunbathing. Is it crazy inside the house and you need a place to get away? Consider deck resurfacing in order to be able to step out onto your deck and enjoy all aspects of what it can offer. Are friends coming over and the house is a mess? Let everyone enjoy the great outdoors and no one ever has to know about the chaos inside.

Decks provide a wide range of uses and many people don’t let them live up to their potential. According to an article from NY Times Home & Garden, most decks are severely neglected. People do not realize the value decks can add to their homes. But why is this? Decks are viewed as expensive investments that can only be used in the summer. However, this cannot be farther from the truth.

Wooden decks offer a relatively inexpensive price tag. If you already own a deck and need it refurbished, wooden deck resurfacing is also reasonable. In fact, US News calls wood deck additions one of “The 5 Best Home Improvement Projects for your Money.” The article highlights how well-kept decks can add value to the entire home by expanding its square footage. Decks make your home feel more spacious than it actually is.

With summer just around the corner, deck resurfacing is something to start looking into. The majority of people use their decks most often in the summer. As a great place to grill out or have a drink, no one can blame them. However, decks can be quite wonderful in the winter too. Consider this, the past winter in the Northern Virginia/Maryland area was brutal. The elements really hit all of us hard, and you can bet they took a toll on your deck.

There is a way, though, that you and your deck can help each other better enjoy winter! Your deck is a perfect place for a deck or patio heater. This feature would let you and your family enjoy the outdoors even during the winter. Plus, you could make s’mores and hot chocolate on your heated outdoor deck during a light snowfall. Just remember to keep the heat source on a table or another elevated object. Other potential additions to a deck for the winter include Christmas/holiday lights or a hot tub!

If you want to start making the most of your deck, deck resurfacing is the way to go. Instead of replacing the entire deck, deck resurfacing allows you to simply replace the existing deck boards. Thus, this option is much more cost effective and totally revamps your current deck, making it appear brand new.

Your deck can be an important and well-used part of your home. From the summer to the winter, decks offer an outdoor area to enjoy with friends and family.