Our Third new Honda in Edmonton, Thank You Alberta Honda

My family has never been any good at keeping secrets. So, when we cut a deal with my daughter Celia her senior year, she pretty much knew from the beginning what the surprise reward would be. My husband and I told her that, if she did well in school, applied to colleges on her own and got accepted, then there would be a reward waiting for her when she graduated.

Looking back, I can happily say that the likelihood of Celia holding up her end of the bargain was almost a foregone conclusion. That was one very determined young lady. So, she graduated with honors and had three universities to choose from. The day after graduation, I think it was about the crack of dawn, Celia came bounding into our room asking when we were going car shopping so that she could lay claim to our existing Honda Civic.

“That was the surprise, right?”

I mumbled something in acknowledgement and tried to roll back over, but there she was all eager eyes and hope.  So, I poked my husband and told him it was car shopping day. We are probably the most predictable people on the planet. We believe in rewarding our children when they do well, and we believe in being loyal to a company that has shown us integrity and exceptional service.

That’s how we ended up at Alberta Honda for the third time and how we drove away in our new 2017 Honda Civic.  I am sure there are other places you can buy new Hondas in Edmonton, but Alberta Honda’s staff has always answered all our questions, helped with financing options and had the best service and repair department I can imagine. So, we stuck with them. So, after browsing through their website, we went to the showroom that featured probably the widest selection of new Hondas in Edmonton. My husband discussed things like mileage improvements and the latest features in infotainment. I guess I am a simple person, because I wanted one thing, a moon roof, which is the one thing I wished we had added to our current, soon-to-be-Celia’s Honda Civic.

We ended up driving away in a 2017 Honda Civic Sports Touring that came standard with my beloved moon roof. The hatchback was new for us, since we drove sedans previously, but I loved the shape and convenience of our new car. Since she had come with us, Celia drove home too, practically bursting with excitement and pride in her “new” car. One of the first things we coached her on was the importance of proper maintenance. We showed her how she could even schedule maintenance appointments online at Alberta Honda, where the entire service record for her pride and joy was on record.

Celia could barely sit still as we gave her the responsibility speech and cautioned her to be smart and safe on the road. When we finished, she kissed us both hard and went for a long drive.