Memorial Services In Houston

The passing of a loved one is a difficult time. This also happens to be one of the busiest and confusing times in one’s life, as a slew of events and responsibilities present themselves. Many of which you’re learning about for the first time.

There may be legal matters, personal matters, financial matters and more all thrown a family’s way all at once. Unfortunately, there’s really no way to mentally and emotionally prepare yourself for all of this. There really is no reason for someone to be great at handling the matters of a loved one’s death, as it’s only going to happen a handful of times or less in your lifetime.

This makes it all the more reasonable to look to a professional to assist and guide you during this time.  Certain issues you’re going to have to deal with yourself. For other issues, such as a memorial service and everything that goes with it, you can confidently look to an experienced professional for assistance.

What Does A Memorial Service Entail?

There really is no set way for holding memorial services in Houston. It’s a case by case scenario on what works and feels right.  When to hold the service, where to hold it and how to set it up are all individual details.

An experienced professional, such as Woodlawn Funeral Home, can guide you in the planning process. They can make sure that memorializing a loved one is a smooth process, allowing everyone to appreciate and reflect on a life that has passed on.

Woodlawn can talk with you about what places of significance are a part of your loved one’s life. Did they have favorite parks or restaurants? This is the type of place that would add meaning and connection to the service.

Often, memorial services in Houston can have a reception afterwards. This can be held anywhere that can accommodate all the guests, whether a place of worship, family home or restaurant. A reception allows time for everyone to interact and share stories. It can be a cathartic experience that allows everyone some closure and support.

When Should The Memorial Be Held?

One important detail is the timing of the memorial service. This is entirely up to the family and what is convenient. It might feel appropriate for some to have the service soon after the funeral. Many people may find that taking care of all arrangements is easiest, and allows them to be able to move on afterwards.

Others may find it overwhelming, and there can also be many other issues that need to be taken care of immediately. There is no set time that a memorial service must be held. In fact, having it weeks after the death is completely normal and acceptable.

Even having it on the one year anniversary is a common practice. The benefit to waiting is it allows more people to make plans to attend in addition to decreasing the stress of having one more thing to plan.

To learn more about memorial services in Houston and post memorial receptions, feel free to contact Woodlawn Funeral Home with all your questions.  They are exceptional at guiding people during difficult times and will help you take care of everything.