Interesting Information bout Quik-Lok Shelving

The technology, which was patented in 1962, revolutionized the world of shelving. Not only is the shelving made with this technology strong, but it also requires only a rubber mallet to assemble. The bolts and nuts of shelves from past years were replaced with simple shelf supports. Although a technician can install it, many people choose to do the installation themselves.

About the Process of Installation

Quik-Lok shelving have three major components. These are the shelves, the uprights, and the shelf supports. The uprights are the side section of the shelving setup. Besides that, each level has two shelf supports for increased stability. The shelf supports are placed in keyholes on the uprights using rubber mallets. The shelves are then placed on top of these supports.

The founder of the company that makes Quik-Lok shelves helped to design the concept. He has been a supplier and designer of this type of shelving for close to 50 years. Few others match his knowledge base on the shelving.

The Quik-Lok shelves are shipped countrywide in different colors and sizes. Besides that, delivery is usually quite fast. Since the original patent ran out, many companies now manufacture the shelving. However, not all parts from different companies are interchangeable. It is important to get all the materials from one supplier.

Types of Quik-Lok Shelving

Besides books, the shelving has been tweaked for use in file shelving. It is a great way to shelve files for medical, dental, law firms, human resource firms, police forces, courts, file rooms, and much more. If you want access to your files secured, you should think about using enclosed file shelving.

The shelving system has also been tweaked for X-ray shelving. It is used in medical practices and hospitals to hold mammograms and other radiology images. The X-ray shelving can be placed on mobile carriages, thus doubling a room’s storage capacity.

 About Quik-Lok High-Elevation Shelving

The shelving, also known as high-rise shelving, is built at heights greater than 30 feet. It is used as an off-site archive box storage space for major government agencies and companies. Besides that, major learning institutions use it for offsite library books storage.

To access the upper levels of this shelving, you will require having a man lift. The automated lift is driven into the aisle. Additionally, it can rise up and down allowing access to the content on the upper shelves.

To this day, there have been more than a billion feet of shelving manufactured based on Quik-Lok. It shows that the concept works. The shelving today is available in different colors, sizes, and styles.  Besides that, it works well with mobile shelving and as a compact shelving system. Quik-Lok offers all the solutions that you need for your shelving.