Insurance for Motorcycle rentals in Crofton

Insurance for Motorcycle rentals in Crofton – what you need to know

Insurance is one topic that many try to avoid, even if they are avid lovers of road trips. If motorcycles are your best pals and you love taking the road as much as you can, then you definitely need the right insurance and the best cover to keep you and of course the vehicle safe.

If you are riding your own motorcycle, then you are required to have a bare minimum of a liability insurance that will cover damage to the property of others or injury to another person when you are riding it. However what if you are traveling and have to rent a vehicle? What if you are using, say, motorcycle rentals in Crofton or any other place in US? Well, you definitely need insurance. So here are some pointers to assist you.

Where can you get the insurance?

You can get your insurance from your own insurance provider or you can leave it to the insurance company of the rental motorcycle to work it out for you. With the insurance from the rental company, you can avail more in terms of coverage like injuries sustained by the rider, loss or theft of the rental vehicle or any kind of damage to the rental motorcycle.

Sometimes your motorcycle insurance that you hold might already have a clause to cover when you are taking a rental. You may want to check that before purchasing a new one.

If you have an auto insurance that you are providing through your credit card, please do note that this will not cover motorcycles, rental or own.

What are the insurance covers that you need?

In case your existing motorcycle insurance doesn’t cover rental motorcycles, then you will need to get a separate insurance for the same. While there are multiple different plans and covers available, one has to definitely have the below two when you use motorcycle rentals in Crofton.

  1. Personal property insurance: This will cover damage or loss or theft of your personal belongings when you are riding on a rental motorcycle in Crofton.
  2. Supplemental liability: This cover will ensure that you are protected from any kind of damage that you or the vehicle or others endure during an accident on the rental motorcycle.

Apart from the above two, you can also check with your motorcycle rental company if they offer loss damage cover which will cover for theft and damage during your ride.

Things to remember when renting motorcycles

While insurance is a major factor that you should have in place and with the right cover before renting motorcycles, you should also be quite careful on the bike that is handed over to you. Do check a few factors like tire condition, the fluid levels, etc. before taking the key for your bike. It doesn’t hurt to ensure that your bike is indeed mechanically sound before taking the road.

If you approach reputed motorcycle rentals in Crofton dealer, then you might find quite a few options on insurance. Choose wisely and enjoy the road on your rental motorcycle!