How to use customer reviews in marketing your products?

Customer reviews are perhaps more important now than ever before. With more easy access totechnology be that on tablets phones, computer game devices music players the list is endlessthese days (and only growing further by the day); people tend to look at the latest reviews acompany has. Then they will often choose the company that is the cheapest, and has the bestreviews, or maybe they will pick the company within their price range that has the best reviews.

Whatever the case it is clear that customer reviews are important in this day and age. Thisarticle will focus on how to use customer reviews in marketing your products?

For examples sake let’s presume you own an online shoe selling business, selling shoesinternationally and nationally all places around the globe. Logically it would make sense for youto want good reviews so you need to consider all aspects of the customer experience.

1st You want to describe your product accurately, and with clear images.

2nd You want to pack the product well, no one wants a delivery in an old squashed box.

3rd Use a reliable courier service, for on time delivery and a professional image.

For example is you send parcel to the USA you need it to be tracked and arrive in good condition. The best way is by using a branding international courier service although if you are not a large user their services can be expensive. Another option is to use a reseller, who shares their bulk discounts with smaller users like That way you get low prices whilst your client gets a positive delivery experience.

Always collect reviews from your clients, as these will not only give you feedback on your product and service, but it will also enable you to use them for marketing.

You can display positive product reviews next to those products in a catalogue or online.

They will act as a third party reference for the item or service helping to persuade buyers to choose you over a competitor.

You can also promote positive reviews through social media such as Facebook and twitter to  improve your brand image. This can help to illiterate your great customer care, or just how good your product really is. Social media posts are often liked and shared with a wider circle; influencing them to select your product or service in the future when they need it.