How to Decorate a Tent for a Wedding

One of the most popular wedding trends is to hold an outdoor wedding or reception. An outdoor tent wedding allows you to have wedding festivities in nearly unlimited space. A company that offers party rentals in Nashville can supply you with almost everything you need to host an outdoor wedding or reception that your guests will remember for years to come. Make your wedding event special with this step by step guide for decorating a tent for a wedding.

  1. Purchase yards of chiffon and tulle in shades that match or complement the wedding colors. A broad selection of fabric choices can be found at chain fabric stores across the nation.
  2. Purchase a selection of decorative mini lights. These are the type frequently used to decorate for Christmas. Sometimes called twinkle lights or fairy lights, they are available in clear white, single colors, and multi-colors. Most department stores and hardware stores carry mini lights year-round.
  3. Purchase chains of faux garlands such as green vines and flowering vines. These are widely available in craft stores and some department stores.
  4. Assemble people, tools and supplies that you’ll need, including:
  • extension cords
  • step stools
  • ladders
  • string/rope
  • zip ties
  • twisty ties
  • duct tape
  1. Sketch a rough mock up of how you want the final result to look. Share the sketch with all your helpers. This will help to communicate what you’re trying to achieve once you’re actually hanging the decorations.
  2. Starting in one corner of the tent and working your way diagonally across to the other side of the tent, begin hanging the miniature lights first. Remember to leave enough of the cord dangling down the corner of the tent to reach the extension cord. When you reach the center pole of the tent, support the cord with a twisty tie. Now continue draping the lights until you reach the opposite corner. Repeat these steps for the other two corners.
  3. Test the lights by plugging them in, and make any necessary adjustments so they hang in an esthetically pleasing manner. Secure the cords in place with zip ties.
  4. Next, use the garlands to disguise the light cords that are hanging from the supports of the tent. Following the path of the cords, twist the garlands loosely around the cords from end to end and secure on each end with twisty ties.
  5. Your tent will have vertical poles in the corners and one in the center reaching from the top to the ground. Starting at the top and working your way down, wrap your fabric around the pole. Secure on each end with duct tape, being sure to cover the tape with fabric as you maneuver the fabric around the poles.

Your wedding tent is now transformed from a bare bones, utilitarian shelter to a magical place where two people will exchange lifetime vows. A supplier for party rentals in Nashville is your source for hosting the ideal wedding or reception in the beauty of the outdoors.