How Are Sciton Lasers Diverse From Other Lasers Available?

The booming business of laser skin rejuvenation has boosted a number of laser technologies that promise smoother, tighter, clearer, skin. Sciton is really a leading developer of cosmetic lasers, and they’ve acquired a status for creating high-qualitylaser systems that deliver impressive results. But exactly how are Sciton lasers not the same as other lasers available.


How are Sciton lasers different?

Sciton is really a topmanufacturer of medical aesthetic light and laser systems. Through the years, the companyhas madeseveral condition-of-the-art lasers that may treat a variety of skin disorders that occur because of aging, sun-damage, along with other factors. Among individuals lasers, the Sciton Joule is really a standout in the class.

The Sciton Joule may be the world’s first OptiPlex platform. It’s a compact laser system that provides 3 different modes of delivery – arm, fiber, and broadband light. This will make it probably the most versatile skin rejuvenation solutions available these days, as possible accustomed to treat diverse skin concerns.

The laser and lightweight wavelengths provided with Sciton Joule are extremely distinctive, which feature isn’t incorporated in other aesthetic lasers available on the market that perform similar functions. Joule can also be not the same as the remainder since it is an expanding system that enables for adding more applications, because they are developed later on.


The Sciton Joule is really a non-invasive system that’s safe to be used evidently and the body. It’s also very adaptable, also it presently has 13 applications you can use to deal with a number of skin concerns including pigmented and vascular lesions, acne, telangelastia, and wrinkles. It is also accustomed to firm and resurface your skin, and take away undesirable hair.

With Sciton Joule patients can anticipate getting great outcomes with minimal downtime. Most sufferers are very pleased with the end result of the skin rejuvenation procedure with Sciton Joule.

Sciton Halo for laser skin resurfacing

The Joule platform includes several modules such as the Halo, the world’s first and just hybrid fractional laser. It’s a mixture of both erbium and diode lasers. They are two fractional lasers which are normally separate, and would ordinarily require two distinct treatments.

The Halo is groundbreaking, since it combines 2 wavelengths – non-ablative (1470 nm) and ablative (2940 nm). Fractional lasers will often have ablative or non-ablative waves, but Halo Hybrid has both. This provides it the initial capability to concentrate on the superficial and deep layers of your skin simultaneously, for optimum results.Using the Halo skin rejuvenation procedure, you’re basically getting two treatments in a single.

This dual system can improve complexion and texture as well as treat liver spots, scarring, and visual aging process. The concentration of the therapy could be customized, based onthe cosmetic requirements of each patient.

Fractional lasers work by creating small pinpoint injuries channels towards the skin, which stimulate bovine collagen formation. The Sciton Halo is really a comfortable treatment, because it features a unique air conditioning that efficiently cools your skin, making certain enhanced patient comfort.

The flexibility from the Halo causes it to be extremely effective for the treatment of skin concerns for example sun-damage, since it targets your skin on two levels.

What else could you expect having a Sciton laser facial treatment

Most physicians attest that Sciton provides excellent results, which is proof of the business’s results-oriented approach when developing technology.

Minimal downtime is among the most significant together with your Sciton laser facial treatment. Unlike ablative lasers which often need a significant time to recover, patients can get a downtime of approximately three days using the Halo resurfacing treatment.

Sciton laser facial treatment can be obtained in the offices of board certified cosmetic surgeon Dr. Robert Aycock, with offices in Walnut Creek, CA and Greenbrae, CA.

Dr. Aycock is really a national trainer for Sciton and it is therefore very familiar with the plethora of Sciton laser light treatments.