Gym Bangarang, the Gym within an idyllic setting that is all fitness needs inclusive

If you are looking for a gym when visiting Thailand or just want to take your fitness levels several notches up, Gym Bangarang will fit the bill. Gym Bangarang’sall inclusive fitness needs fulfillingwill give you a rounded health gaining experience.

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Gym Bangarang was founded in 2014. It’s located in Chiang Mai amid lush, peaceful and eye cooling greenery – namely paddy fields and emerald green hills. The environment nurtures one’s spirit and enhances the whole fitness upping endeavors at Gym Bangarang, being distractions free and privacy laden, situated away from tourist attractions’ hustle and bustle.

Training with MuayChaiya champion

Besides calming and soothing surroundings, Gym Bangarang’s facilities are outstanding. Having undergone renovation, their facilities have expanded to be encompassing and the largest in the area. You may take immense delight and up your endurance levels at the gym’s professional muay Thai ring, getting well versed in the sport. The punching bags, on site gym amenities complete with mirrored walls, swimming pool and football pitch combine to give you the ultimate fitness experience.

The juice bar and on site restaurant at Gym Bangarang will deliver the meals specified for your personalized fitness requirements. While the food is prepared to be totally clean, nourishing and good for you, the chefs at the restaurant ensure taste to be locked in.


Fitness Retreats

The highlight of Gym Bangarang is their programs that are made to fit your personal fitness goals. They have fitness bootcamps, strength and conditioning training, personal training and muay Thai training for all levels. The team at Gym Bangarang is professionally trained, helpful and congenial – they will assist you to devise a fitness plan that works for your unique body.

So, the next time you’re in Thailand and want to get fit or just looking for professional and simpatico fitness center locally, Gym Bangarang is the place to head. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or professional, Gym Bangarang offers practical fitness solutions that focus on your body’s individualistic health status and history.