Features You May See In iOS 11

With no official announcement for that launch of iOS 11, our individuals have already listed the additional features which may be viewed in iOS 11.

But apart from rumours, one factor is without a doubt. This arrival of iOS 11 could spell harmful to all individuals those who are running 32-bit iPhones. It is because Apple appears to prevent supporting 32-bit applications insite new iOS 11 altogether, meaning individuals who’re using anything over the age of iPhone 5s won’t be able to download the program.


As reported by the reports, “Apps that aren’t updated to aid 64-bit are most likely be culled in the Application Store. This past year, the organization had promised to get rid of apps which were orphaned, outdated, no more met guidelines, or were in some manner borked when they continued to be as was after 7 September.”

Aside from this, there’s huge listing of options that come with iOS 11 which are being rumoured across the world.

Improved Maps Using Drone Data

Apple is intending to use use drone to enhance its maps service. Together with street level data, Apple really wants to improve indoor mapping too.

Snapchat-like Video Discussing Application

Apple appears to become intending to ask for the recognition of social systems like Instagram and Snapchat with a brand new social networking application that lets users to talk about pictures, videos etc. This latest application is anticipated to become a video discussing and editing application and it is testing new related features because of its iPhone and iPad os’s.


Natural Sounding Siri

With each and every version, Apple is attempting to enhance itself by updating Siri. There’s an enormous Siri update which are visible in iOS 11. This update feature of Siri could be natural sounding voice.

Aside from this there’s an enormous listing of features which are predicted in iOS 11. Their list of features goes the following:

Contact Availability Status

Enhanced Virtual Reality Experience

Safer Apple Pay

Introduction from the Doze-Mode

Switching Quick Settings

Reply From the Notifications

Finger-discovering dynamic keyboard

Dark Mode

Slide to unlock

Multi-user FaceTime calls

But as everyone knows, these types of mere predictions. So let’s watch for Apple itself to show about its additional features of iOS 11.

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