ezTalks Provides Video Conferencing Desktop Solutions

Today, thanks to webcams and fast processors, video conferencing from a computer (desktops) or mobile devices are now widely available, allowing you to connect remotely to even bigger conference rooms.

ezTalks Technology Co., Ltd is a leading video conferencing company in the world. One of its flagship software is ezTalks Cloud Meeting. The free video conferencing tool makes it possible that users can start or receive a video meeting using a PC or mobile device without using a special hardware, using a built-in or external camera and microphone. It is important that these videoconferencing endpoints are not merely one with each other, but with the endpoint of any video conferencing of the organization.

From the standpoint of licensing and operation, separate standalone software clients and centralized server-solving solutions can be handled separately. Individually-running software clients should typically be licensed based on the number of units, so it is best to choose when users are constrained, often using the client, and not introducing a video conferencing equipment. On the other hand, centralized software solutions that require server connectivity can be installed on multiple computers and the license only determines the number of simultaneous callers. Additionally, the server provides a number of additional features for stand-alone clients, including central directory, corporate firewall and LDAP user authentication.

With the development of web technology, the most commonly used browsers can now be involved in video conferencing without the use of software clients. This is easy for both the operator and the user, since they do not need to be deployed and upgraded, and firewall problems cannot occur as traffic is classified as web browsing. Depending on the browser you use, there may be differences between different vendor solutions, but in most cases, functionality equivalent to clients is available.

We have installed video capable clients and have introduced a complex video conferencing infrastructure. Besides, we also provide best video conferencing software via our own service, simultaneously for multiple locations.