Equipment Needed to Start a Cleaning Business

There are many benefits to starting a cleaning business, and these can include having a more flexible schedule and the ability to make choices regarding the companies for whom you will work. In addition, you can employ others to do the harder tasks, as your business grows, and you fall into more of a managerial role. In this article, we will discuss some of the equipment that you will need when you decide to start your own cleaning business.

Riding Floor Scrubber

For cleaning commercial buildings like malls and large department stores, a riding floor scrubber is essential. It takes the hassle out of attempting to clean such large areas manually, and it does the job more efficiently. The riding floor scrubber works by releasing a chemical solution unto the floor and by lifting dirt and grime off surfaces by scrubbing. The result is that the floor will be noticeably cleaner than if it were cleaned by hand, and it has the added benefit of drying much more quickly. It is also better for the environment, as you will use less water and resources in your work.

Industrial Vacuum

For businesses, like restaurants that have carpeting, you will want to be working an industrial vacuum. Many companies will allow you to rent their vacuums, and this will give you the opportunity to test out different machines before you commit to buying one of your own. Some varieties will require you to fill them with hot water and cleaning solution, so you will also need to purchase enough buckets for you and your employees to use.

Supplies for Cleaning Bathrooms

Cleaning the bathrooms, whether for private residences or for a commercial business, will require a more hands-on treatment, and as such, you will need to buy the traditional implements for cleaning. These will include a mop, detergent, gloves, spray bottle, and rags. You will also need scrub brushes and disinfectant cleaner for the toilets, and you will need to have trash bags of different sizes. It is good to have a variety of products that will help with eliminating unwanted odors, and you will need an assortment of cleaning solutions and detergents suitable for the surfaces you will be cleaning. In addition, you will need to buy a broom and a dust pan.

Cleaning Caddy

It would be wearisome to lug your materials from one place to another, so you will need a way to transport them around the facility in which you will be working. An ideal setup will be a cart that has wheels and that gives you a ready place to store all your supplies. If you will not be working in a large building that has room for a large cart, you will at least want to use a small bin to use to carry around all your things.



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